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    Octoberfest in Munich:

    September 12 till October 07, 2012
    by Gabi Wieke, TextAndWeb

    Ozapft wird! (the ba'l's on tap!)

    -3247 days, 12 hours, 38 minutes until the next Octoberfest Mass - the famous liter of German beer!

    Foto: Lederhosen

    The Munich Octoberfest - then and today

    On October 12th, 1810, King Ludwig I (back then crown prince Ludwig) married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The location where the world's most popular fair takes place, Theresienwiese, was named in honour of the Princess. Literally translated, Theresienwiese means 'field of Therese', with field standing for fairground. The Octoberfest is often referred to by locals as "d'Wiesn", which in Bavarian dialect means as much as 'the field'.

    In the frame of the wedding festivities, a horse race took place on October 17th, 1810. The decision of repeating the race in the following year forms the basis for the tradition of the Octoberfest. The reason why the fest nowadays starts in September is the wheather, which is often still summer-like at that time of the year.

    Today, the fair attracts people from all over the world. In 2010, 6.4 billion guests were counted by the city bureau of tourism. 60 percent of the visitors were Munich residents. International guests were mainly from Italy, the USA and Great Britain. In the last few years, people were wearing more and more traditional costumes, wanting to experience Bavarian culture. "This is second-to-none worldwide", says Christine Weishaeuptl, "First Lady" of the Octoberfest until 2011.

    Good ole fun!

    Foto: Oktoberfest costumes

    The Dirndl is back. The trend towards traditional costumes more than recognizable. However, the Octoberfest today has become a cool party location. For almost three weeks, Munich is in some state of emergency. In order to keep control over the masses and the excessive consumption of German beer, tent landlords are countervailing: Until 6 pm, only serene music for wind is played in the tents. Families with kids can thus enjoy their stay in peace.

    During the Octoberfest, prices for hotels and guest houses rocket upwards. Vacant lodging is hard to find. When accomodation in Munich is booked out, there is a good chance of finding quarters at lake Ammersee.
    Tip: Short vacation break in early fall at lake Ammersee with a visit to the Octoberfest in Munich!

    Hotel rooms and guest houses for an Octoberfest stay in the Ammersee region...

    Munich, Octoberfest: Contents of this page

    1. Lodging during the Octoberfest in Munich
    2. Public transportation Ammersee
    3. From Herrsching to Munich during the Octoberfest
    4. From the Ammerseewest shore to the Octoberfest
    5. Via steamboat and rapid-transit system
    6. Opening hours
    7. Beer tents - make your reservation in time!
    8. Octoberfest 2012 schedule
    9. Octoberfest-Main attractions
    10. Family days
    11. Heads up: Octoberfest etiquette...
    12. Last but not least: Octoberfest - beer prices
      What about measuring lines? How much beer is to be expected in Mass mugs?

    More details about the Octoberfest in Munich

    Foto: Oktoberfest signs

    Without having to be afraid of losing your license, you can take the Ammersee train from the west shore in Schondorf, Utting, Riederau, Dießen and Raisting to the rapid transit station (Geltendorf) to Munich. From Herrsching on the east shore, rapid transit goes straight to the capital.

    Public transportation from lake Ammersee to the Octoberfest

    Lake Ammersee is located about 40 km (~ 25 miles) west of Munich. The public transportation company of Munich (Münchner Verkehrsverbund - MVV) and the Ammersee train company schedule additional trains for Octoberfest guests. You are welcome to spend your fall vacation by the lake and take the train to the Octoberfest. Enjoy a couple of beers and keep your driver's license. Take the train!

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    Octoberfest: from Herrsching to the Octoberfest in Munich

    Starting at about 3 pm, rapid transit goes from Herrsching to Munich every 20 minutes. Same in the mornings and at rush hour. The train ride to Munich is about 45 minutes to the "Hackerbrücke" station. From there, just follow the crowds to Theresienwiese. During Octoberfest times, the last trains leave Munich at 11.49 pm and at 12.29 am the next day for Herrsching.

    (More information about public transportation to and from the Octoberfest can be found on the pages of MVV Munich.)

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    From the Octoberfest back to Utting - Schondorf - Riederau - Dießen - Raisting

    These towns have Ammersee train stations. You should drink your last beer before 10.30 pm. Then take rapid transit to Geltendorf. In Geltendorf you can hop on the Ammersee train.

    Foto: Ammersee train

    Ammersee trains arrive in
  • Schondorf
  • Utting
  • Riederau
  • Dießen
  • Raisting before midnight.

    Instead of taking the route via Geltendorf, you can get to Raisting via Weilheim.
  • Further information on trains can be found online online under www.bahn.de.

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    From the west shore: take the steamboat to Herrsching and from there rapid transit to the Octoberfest

    A beautiful start of your Octoberfest day on a late morning: When the weather is nice, take a steamboat from Schondorf, Utting, Holzhausen, Riederau, or Dießen and visit Herrsching. Then take rapid transit (S5) to Munich.

    To Herrsching via steamboat

    Steamboat to Herrsching

    You arrive in Herrsching at about 11.30 am. Take your time and stroll along Germany's longest lakeshore boardwalk. Visit the Kurparkschlössl (spa gardens castle), then saunter towards the train station (about a 5-minute walk from the steamboat dock). During rush hour, the train takes you to Munich every 20 minutes. Around noon, alternatingly every 20/40 minutes.

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    Octoberfest Munich - opening hours:

    Beer stands in the tents are open Monday through Friday from 10 am till 10.30 pm. During the weekends, tents open at 9 am and close at 11 pm. Only in "Käfers Wiesnschänke" and the "wine and champagne tent", beverages are served until 1.15 am.

    Rides and booths:
    Monday through Thursday and Sunday:
    10.00 am till 11.30 pm
    On Sundays, booths open at 9 am already.
    Friday, Saturday
    10.30 pm till midnight

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    Foto: Oktoberfest beer tent

    Oktoberfest Munich - beer tents:

    During the week, you may spontaneously visit the Octoberfest and will probably get hold of a wooden bench without a problem. During the weekends, it gets too crowded. In order to find space in one of the tents, you need to make reservations in time. The following tables lists tents and contacts.




    Augustiner beer
    (Augustiner tent)

    Manfred Vollmer

    Phone (089) 23 18 32 66
    Fax (089) 26 05 379

    Hackerbräu beer
    (Hackerzelt tent

    Toni and Christl Roiderer

    Phone (08 170) 73 03
    Fax (08 170) 73 85

    Löwenbräu beer
    (Löwenbräu tent)

    Ludwig Hagn and Stephanie Spendler

    Phone (089) 47 76 77
    Fax (089) 47 05 848

    Paulaner beer
    (wine grower Fähndl)

    Peter and Arabella Pongratz

    Phone (089) 62 17 19 10
    Fax (089) 62 17 19 19

    Pschorrbräu beer

    Renate and Georg Heide

    Phone (089) 85 72 029
    Fax (089) 89 55 63 56

    Spatenbräu beer
    (ox roasting)

    Hermann and Anneliese Haberl
    and Antje Schneider

    Phone (089) 38 38 73 12
    Fax (089) 38 38 73 40

    Hofbräu beer
    (Hofbräu tent)

    Margot and Günter Steinberg

    Phone (089) 44 89 670
    Fax (089) 44 83 587

    (Schottenhamel tent)

    Festival hall Schottenhamel OHG
    (Peter & Christian Schottenhamel)

    Phone (089) 544 693 10
    Fax (089) 544 693 19

    (Armbrustschützen tent)

    Peter Inselkammer KG
    (Family Inselkammer)

    Phone (089) 237 037 03
    Fax (089) 237 037 05


    Karl Winter OHG
    (Johann and Silvia Stadtmüller)

    Phone (089) 66 10 42
    Fax (089) 65 25 34


    Josef Krätz Hippodrom KG
    (Gabi and Sepp Krätz)

    Phone (089) 291 646 46
    Fax (089) 29 54 42

    Schützen festival hall
    (Schützen tent)

    Eduard and Claudia Reinbold KG

    Phone (089) 231 812 24
    Fax (089) 321 812 44

    Kuffler's wine tent
    (wine tent)

    Wine tent GbR
    (Roland, Doris and Stephan Kuffler)

    Phone (089) 290 705 17
    Fax (089) 29 40 76 

    Käfers Wiesn Schänke
    (Käfer tent)

    Feinkost Käfer GmbH
    (Michael Käfer delicatessen)

    Phone (089) 41 68 356
    Fax (089) 41 68 880

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    Octoberfest schedule 2012 - main attractions at a glance:

    Foto: Oktoberfest roller coaster

    • Saturday, 09/22 11:00 am: Moving in of the tent landlords and their families to the Octoberfest
    • Saturday, 09/22 12:00 o'clock: O'zapft is! Official opening of the Octoberfest by the Munich mayor
    • Sunday, 09/23 10:00 am: Costume and Rifleman's Procession
    • Monday, 09/24 12:00 o'clock: Selected deprived senior citizens of Munich can eat and drink for free in the Schottenhamel tent
    • Tuesday, 09/25 12.00 o'clock: 1st family day (discounts for families with kids)
    • Thursday, 09/27 from 10:00 am: Ecumenical Octoberfest and memorial service
    • Saturday, 09/29 all-day Italian weekend - Octoberfest Wiesn flirt
    • Sunday, 09/30 all day: Halftime of Octoberfest 2012 (hump day)
    • Sunday, 30.09. 11:00 am: Concert at the steps of the Bavaria statue
    • Monday, 01.10. 06:00 pm: "Rosa Wiesn" - gay night in the Fischer-Vroni tent Info about Rosa Wiesn
    • Tuesday, 02.10. 12:00 o'clock: 2nd family day (discounts for families with kids)
    • Wednesday, 03.10. 12:00 o'clock: Get-together of traditional fairground operators (Hühnerbraterei Heilmaier), attendance by invitation only
    • Saturday, 06.10. Hustle and bustle: The last Octoberfest weekend starts!
    • Sunday, 07.10. 12:00 o'clock: Traditional firecracker shooting at the steps of the Bavaria statue
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    Octoberfest Munich: Main attractions

    The traditional moving in of the tent landlords with about 1.000 participants starts on day one at 10.45 am and lasts about an hour. The festive procession takes course from Sonnenstraße via Schwanthalerstraße to Theresienwiese.

    Photo: Octoberfest moving in of landlords

    The Muenchner Kindl leads the procession on horseback. As per tradition, she is followed by the Munich mayor in a festive carriage.

    Don't miss this magnificent opening procedure of the Munich Octoberfest, with families of the landlords, adorned carriages and gorgeous teams of brewery horses, waitresses on colouful wagons, all marching bands that will be playing in the tents and, of course, lots of local and national celebrities!

    Photo: Octoberfest: Move in of the landlords

    At 12 o'clock they say:

    O'zapft is: The Octoberfest ist traditionally opened

    Costume and Rifleman's Procession
    Opening of the international Costume and Rifleman's Procession and the smaller tents at 10 am. The Muenchner Kindl leads the 7 kilometer (about 4.4 mile) procession with around 8.000 participants. The event lasts for about two hours and starts at Maximiliansplatz, moving along Residenzstraße, Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus, Lenbachplatz, Karlsplatz-Stachus, Sonnenstraße, Schwanthalerstraße, Paul-Heyse-Straße, Georg-Hirth-Platz, Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz to the final destination: the Octoberfest fairground.

    Photo: Octoberfest

    The procession constitutes the most famous highlight on the first Octoberfest Sunday. The Costume and Rifleman's Procession impressively demonstrates traditions from ancient Bavaria, Franconia, Swabia, and European neighbor countries. You may watch and listen to:
    • Costume groups and historical uniforms,
    • marching bands, fanfare corps,
    • target and mountain shooters,
    • thouroughbred horses, oxes, cows, and goats,
    • gorgeous teams of horses of the Munich breweries,
    • numerous festive carriages demonstrating typical regional traditions
    • historical carriages.
    Colorful ribboned trees, harvest crowns, old craftsman utensils and crop yield, flower, star, and crown arches, and fanfare players on horseback add brilliance to the traditional procession.

    Concert of all Octoberfest bands with about 400 musicians. This concert takes place open-air at the steps of the Bavaria statue.

    Photo: Octoberfest Bavaria

    Firecracker shooting at the steps of the Bavaria statue

    As every year, the firecracker shooting takes place on the last Octoberfest day.

    At 11.30 pm, the Munich Octoberfest is officially over.

    Photo: Octoberfest swingboat

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    Octoberfest family days (discounts on rides, entry fees, and sales booths):

    Opening hours: 12.00 o'clock until 6 pm

    Please note: After 8 pm, kids under 6 are no longer allowed in beer tents, not even in their parent's company.

    Baby buggies are allowed until 6 pm every day except on Saturdays. On Saturdays, they are generally forbidden for reasons of security due to the large crowds!

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    Octoberfest etiquette: rules of conduct for your visit

    There are also some behavior regulations for the fest - please note:

    • Between 1.30 and 6.00 am access is only allowed for owners of explicit rights. No visitors!

    • Weapons, gas and pepper sprays as well as other dangerous utensils are forbidden on the fest area.
    • Inline skaters, roller blades and other vehicles - please leave them at home. You may lock your bike in destinated areas at the main entrance.

    • This should be self-evident: There are toilets at your conveniance. And fees for not using them ...

    • Animals are generally not allowed at the Munich Octoberfest. Which should be self-understood with regard to animal rights. Guide dogs "in service" are excluded from this rule.

    • Kids and teenagers under 16 are only allowed in the tents after 8 pm in the company of a legal guardian. Kids under the age of 6 are only allowed on the Octoberfest in the company of a legal guardian until 8 pm.

    • Baby buggies are allowed until 6 pm every day except on Saturdays. On Saturdays, they are generally forbidden for reasons of security due to the large crowds.

    • Painting and pasting of buildings, facilities and equipment is not allowed.

    • Alcoholic beverages must not be carried onto the fairground.

    • Begging, hawking, distributing of advertisements etc. as well as private artistic demonstrations are not allowed.
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    Munich - Octoberfest beer prices

    Beer prices 2012 are being discussed. We are eager to find out!

    Who makes the beer prices?

    It's not Munich's fault. The city neither fixes the beer prices nor can or must it have to approve of them. The city's tourist office mainly checks whether there are individuals charging exorbitant prices in comparison to other landlords. If this is not the case, but beer prices are in an acceptable frame, a contract is made.

    2011: The Mass passes the 9 Euro hurdle - Development of beer prices at the Munich Octoberfest

    Oktoberfest: Beer prices

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    How much beer is to be expected in a Mass mug? What about measuring lines?

    In 1899, an 'association against fraudulent pouring of beer' was founded in Munich. It obviously didn't result in defeating the miraculous increase of beer, allowing to tap 280 Mass mugs from a 200 liter barrel.

    Practical, it seems, were the so-called "Keferloher" mugs - stone mugs making exact checkups difficult.

    Today, there are 'Euro mugs' made out of glass. They make tapping morale more transparent. The rule of thumb says: Let beer and froth set a litte, then put your finger on the measuring line. The golden yellow brew has to be level with the bottom of your finger.

    In 2003, another 'association against fraudulent pouring of beer' founded 1970 by actor Rudi Scheibengraber, enforced tighter control and guidelines. Still, there is no 'zero tolerance'. However, tolerated deviations have decreased from 2 to 1.5 centimeters below the measuring line.

    Oktoberfest: Beer mugs

    The associations sends out 'beer sheriffs' with identification. Local authorities also increase checkups officially. This has led to a better pouring morale altogether!

    What to do when being served a badly poured Mass?

    When complaining to the waitress immediately, you will most likely get another mug when she next passes (even more likely, she will serve the bad mug to another guest who will not complain).

    At the beer stands, there are signs indicating that you can have badly poured mugs refilled. This is only advisable, however, when it is not too croweded. Because otherwise your seat will be gone by the time you get back.

    In any case, the association asks you to use the bulletin board with the beer tent polls. In each tent, the pouring morale can be judged. In the case of several bad ratings, the association will increase checkups.

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    Octoberfest & vacation days in the Ammersee region

    Octoberfest arrangements bei ammersee-region.de:

    Octoberfest 2012 Munich

    September 22nd
    till October 7th, 2012
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    for a sightseeing flight over Octoberfest city Munich

    Start airport Munich
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    Rooms during Octoberfest 2012:
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    Pictures of the Octoberfest:

    Photos of the coming in of breweries and tent landlords ...


    Octoberfest photos: d'Wiesn...

    Fotos vom Oktoberfest

    Tip: Short trip to the Ammersee region during the Octoberfest. View lodging list ...


    Title of the Festschrift for the Octoberfest 1911 Munich
    created by Paul Neu, Utting Holzhausen am Ammersee

    O'zapft ist auf der Wiesen!

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