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Beautiful Seasons in the Lake Ammersee Area!

Spring at Lake Ammersee...

Bavaria: Holidays in Spring

Summer at Lake Ammersee...

Sommerferien: Urlaub in Bayern Ammersee-Region


Lake Ammersee in Automn


Xmas - Winter Holidays in Bavaria in the Lake Ammersee-Region

Enjoying Bavaria:

Holidays at the Lake Ammersee in Bavaria - 5-Lakes Area - District Starnberg & Landsberg
near Munich & the King's Castles

Famous Monastery Andechs

Picture: Famous Monastery Andechs - here you visit the Church (15th century).

Do you love Bavarian "Gemuetlichkeit" (cosiness)? Like to taste Bavarian "Schmankerln" (special Bavarian way of cooking), enjoy sports & fun, typical bavarian events like Octoberfest, pure nature today, the lively city of Munich tomorrow - and the beautiful Lake Ammersee?

Yes? Ok, you know how to enjoy holidays! You are most welcome here, at the Lake Ammersee...

Dear English speaking Guest on the site of

First, we apologize for bad English and not having translated all the information concerning holidays in Bavaria, the Lake Ammersee, the area between Munich and the King Ludwig Castles like Neuschwanstein, your hosts here in the Area of Lake Ammersee and all the beautiful things to look at and enjoy... (at least, there is a humble offer: take a look at the pictures and use google to translate and laugh about the sometimes strange interpretations ;-))

Ammersee-Region in Bavaria - close to Munich

The Lake Ammersee is situated about 35 kilometers (20 miles) west from Munich, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Garmisch and the mountain Zugspitze (> 2000 meters), and only about 60 kilometers (35 miles) from the famous castles of King Ludwig II from Bavaria: Castle Neuschwanstein, Linderhof Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle.

Your Site / Sight :-)) Seeing Trip in Lake Ammersee Area

Here you visit beautiful churches - many centuries old - enjoy the wonderful landscape and Bavarian style of living: "Gemuetlichkeit" in the beergardens and typical Bavarian restaurants, sailing on the Lake Ammersee, walking and bike tours.
The bavarian "white-blue fleet", Ammersee shipping company, takes you over the lake in one of its paddle wheel boats.

English speaking Guides

In case you don't speak much German we recommend a van trip with Mr. Lohfink. He will tell you a lot of interesting and sometimes amusing stories from inside the Lake Ammersee Area, the 5-lakes-area in upper Bavaria and its history!

Email - asking Mr. Lohfink...

English sight seeing tours are also offered at the King's Castles, Monastery Andechs and in the beautiful romantic city of Landsberg Lech.

If you have any question, please mail! We will be happy to help you.

Map Region Ammersee im Seenland bei München

Tourist Map - Lake Ammersee - River of Lech - Romantic City of Landsberg

Ammersee-West Ammersee-East Ammersee-Region: One large holiday paradise for families, bikers, and walkers: Region Ammersee-Lech

On Vacation in Bavaria:
Holidays in the Ammersee-Region in Bavaria

Vacations in Germany: Enjoy the Ammersee-Region, the part of Bavaria with 5 big lakes, between Munich & the Castles of King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Here you find one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.

Enjoy swimming in the big or small lakes, in romantic rivers, boating, walking, biking, events and our famous bavarian hospitality!

Ammersee-Region: Accommodation, Rooms, Apartments ...

For the complete online list of hotels, boarding houses and - if you prefer self-catering - holiday apartments or summer cottages please click here...

The list is still in German (we apologize!). By clicking the [i] button, you will get some basic information by help of (hopefully) international icons.

Just try to get along - if there are any problems, please send an email... We will be glad to help you!

For accommodation you find online lists of

Hotels / Rooms

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in the region of Lake Ammersee in Upper Bavaria.

Pictures of the Lake Ammersee and the beautiful landscape

Lake Ammersee Utting

Picture: Holidays in Utting at Lake Ammersee in Upper Bavaria

Castle Neuschwanstein Upper Bavaria

Most beautiful: Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Have a nice time and enjoy your virtual stay at the lake Ammersee!

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